Dell EMC PowerStore
Earlier this month, Dell unveiled their newest all-flash midrange storage solution, Dell EMC PowerStore. This new offering utilizes a container-based architecture, advanced storage technologies and intelligent automation!

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
VMware offers Workspace ONE which is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that securely delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management and multiplatform endpoint management. It starts off with a simple, single sign-on access to cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps in one catalog, and includes integrated email, calendar, file and collaboration tools that engage and connect employees. Employees can use their own personal devices or devices supplied by their company if the option is available. The devices will need to have the capability for IT to install risk-based conditional access policies that also take into account “device compliance information delivered by unified endpoint management (UEM) technology”. Workspace ONE can automate traditional onboarding and laptop and mobile device configuration, and deliver real-time application lifecycle management.

Cybersecurity During a Pandemic
As the COVID-19 outbreak creates fear and panic, cyber-criminals are leveraging this as a way to steal passwords and access personal data. People are naturally searching online for the latest information and updates about how this outbreak could affect them and when, and what they should preemptively do to protect themselves and their families.

Read more about the risk of cybersecurity risks during this outbreak.

6 Things You Might Do that Put Your Cybersecurity at Risk
There are so many every day things you might do, that could actually put you at risk when using your devices, whether personal devices or work devices. Even the most security conscious individuals could miss or misuse these simple things that could end up becoming a security risk. Here are 6 things you might do on personal or business devices that could put your security at risk.

5 Cybersecurity Threats of 2020
Cybersecurity threats change every year as hackers adapt and beat out the security measures and exercises put in place. Cybersecurity is always developing and improving, but cyber hacking seems to always get one step ahead. Although trends can change quickly, CSO Online surveyed cybersecurity professionals about the 5 biggest cybersecurity threats of 2019 and how organizations should adjust in 2020 in relation to these threats.

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