How to View Your Cyber Security Efficiency “Inside Out”
Often, security leaders across all sectors do not fully reference or consider essential questions when it comes to their cyber security plans and capabilities. Too often, a total in-and-out view is not taken, leading to some faults within organizational cybersecurity. In cybersecurity, understanding these inside and out weaknesses and vulnerabilities is more pertinent than ever before.
Dell EMC IDPA DP4400

The Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400 offers enterprise-level data protection in a converged

appliance. It is typically meant for small and mid-size organizations, but it is also very effective for standalone

departments of larger enterprises. Organizations and departments are increasingly forced to maintain siloed

and complex data protection solutions to protect growing IT environments with more data, applications and

users. Keep reading to learn more about the product! 

Cyber Security in SLED
Especially at the moment, cyber security is a priority for IT decision-makers everywhere. However, it is important for state and local government agencies and education systems to make this their top issue as these areas are frequent and highly visible targets. In addition to being more publicly known and accessible, these institutions contain highly sensitive personal data, which is the target of cyber criminals.

This article will touch on what IT teams need to invest in and the main principles that should be in mind when making these IT decisions.

How to Start Your Data Protection Process
Now, more than ever, data protection is a crucial aspect that should be incorporated into every business. However, it can be a complicated and confusing process. How much security do you need? How do you go about this? Who can help you with it? What company will benefit you the most? The most difficult part of the process is how to start and where to start. But, ATS can help you start and establish a strong data protection program that is the best fit for your organization.

Here are ten steps to take to establish and strengthen a data protection program.
Dell Technologies World 2019: What's new?

From April 29 to May 2, we attended Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, and learned so much about Dell’s performance the past year and what new projects are coming up. We have a lot of information about new solutions, updates and partnerships and want to share how they affect ATS and you, as a customer. We’ve compiled the most important points we learned while we were there, so that we could share them with you.
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