7 Steps to Secure Mobile Computing
Mobile devices have become a huge part of enterprise IT. As it becomes increasingly important and employees are using mobile devices more and more for work, it becomes more important to take mobile security seriously. All IT teams take network security and on-site security seriously, but often don’t invest enough time in securing mobile devices and teaching employees about what vulnerabilities may be presented or how they can avoid them.

Weaponizing Vulnerabilities
Keeping up with the influx of security vulnerabilities has become a priority for enterprise IT and security teams. Every system and device within a company can potentially have vulnerabilities, despite what is currently in place to prevent that. This includes all physical laptops, servers and other items, but also virtual platforms, cloud-based assets, mobile devices and more.
The rate that vulnerabilities have been exposed has accelerated in recent years. The “National Vulnerability Database”, shows that industry typically expected “5,000 to 7,000 common vulnerabilities” each year. However, in 2017 that number reached over 14,000 and in 2018 it moved past 16,000. These numbers are possibly underestimating the number of vulnerabilities in the world, but it is clear that this number is quickly accelerating.

How to View Your Cyber Security Efficiency “Inside Out”
Often, security leaders across all sectors do not fully reference or consider essential questions when it comes to their cyber security plans and capabilities. Too often, a total in-and-out view is not taken, leading to some faults within organizational cybersecurity. In cybersecurity, understanding these inside and out weaknesses and vulnerabilities is more pertinent than ever before.
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Cyber Security in SLED
Especially at the moment, cyber security is a priority for IT decision-makers everywhere. However, it is important for state and local government agencies and education systems to make this their top issue as these areas are frequent and highly visible targets. In addition to being more publicly known and accessible, these institutions contain highly sensitive personal data, which is the target of cyber criminals.

This article will touch on what IT teams need to invest in and the main principles that should be in mind when making these IT decisions.

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