Dell EMC Midrange Storage

Dell EMC offers one of the industry's most comprehensive storage portfolios, with the #1 overall market position within key storage segments. There’s never been a better time to learn about these leading midrange solutions.


Drones in Education - Why STEM Should be Included Across All Subjects
It's important to understand that STEM is not just about science, technology, engineering and math. It's about all subject areas. Multidisciplinary studies that include STEM make major impacts on agriculture, emergency services, meteorology, all types of private industries, and more. Given the impact that STEM has in these areas, you see more universities and colleges embracing multidisciplinary studies. Take the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) for example. Their newest building is going to be dedicated in large part to Interdisciplinary Studies, a major that allows students to customize their education across many different subject areas. Students are marrying policy, environment and technology, for example, and are researching and designing solutions to real world problems...

AppliedVR - Applying VR to Education
Have you experienced Virtual Reality? If not, it's time. And we don't mean roller coasters or shooting games. We mean real applications. What's really exciting are the uses being developed in education...

Bringing VR to Middle School Science Class
VictoryVR brings innovation to the world of education with scientific virtual reality lessons. Middle School curriculum will be complete by August 2017. VictoryVR books and the experiences contained within transport students to a wide variety of places that will deepen their understandings of science: deserts, forests, beaches—even outer space! We provide students opportunities to explore locations that enhance their learning while we reinforce grade-appropriate science standards in meaningful and memorable ways.


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