New Hire: Customer Care Representative


Nick Julian

"I am the new Customer Care Associate. Prior to ATS, I worked as an inside sales representative for Motorola Solution’s Department of Defense for the EMEA. My main responsibilities consisted of quoting, responding to RFQ’s/RFP’s, and supporting outside sales representatives. I look forward to bringing my experience of federal procurement to state/local procurement."

Fun Fact
I have been playing golf and tennis for over ten years. My favorite courses to play are Rocky Point and Compass Pointe.

Favorite Restaurant
My favorite restaurant is Tagliata in Little Italy. Amazing pasta and large wine list!

Favorite TV Show
My favorite TV show is Sons of Anarchy.

The Best Gift I've Received
Air Pods; I use them all the time.

Something I've Done Once and Will Never Do Again
Something I have done once is snorkeling and I have no desire to do it again. Water kept getting in my mask and it was awful!

Super Power
If I could have a super power, it would be the ability to read other people's minds as I think this would be useful in many parts of my life.

Can't Leave the House Without
I can't leave my house without my wallet and cell phone.


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