A Note from the President
Applied Technology Services is a Baltimore, women-owned minority business enterprise incorporated since July 2001. We are focused on providing our customers with best-in-class, personalized service and developing solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. ATS is certified as a MBE/DBE with the Maryland Department of Transportation and the City of Baltimore as a WBE. ATS is also Small Business Reserve certified company and is certified as MBE with Prince George’s County Government. As the President of a local, women-owned business I strive to bring opportunities and ideas to our customers that encompass a wide array of partners and other local business resources to encourage economic growth throughout the State of Maryland.
About Us

Applied Technology Services (ATS)

Applied Technology Services is an enterprise IT solutions and staffing company that has been serving K-12, higher-education, and state and local government agencies in the Mid-Atlantic since 2001. We are a leading provider of network and engineering services as well as enterprise equipment maintenance solutions. As a solution developer, we can design and implement network solutions tailored to suit the needs of any business, implement these solutions, protect equipment assets and provide on-going support. ATS combines these capabilities along with strong business partnerships with many of the leading hardware and software manufacturers, extending our unique services offering for our clients.

The ATS team has designed solutions, integrated systems and maintained equipment for hundreds of clients over the last nine years. We have invested in building a highly trained staff of experienced and certified network engineers. This staff includes field technicians for enterprise equipment maintenance, network technicians for network implementation and support, and senior level network engineers for the planning and design of enterprise solutions. Services include local and wide area networks, router and switch support, Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 migrations, open system solutions, network security solutions, virus protection solutions, web development, database development, and a comprehensive program for desktop, server and laser printer deployment, maintenance and support.

ATS provides technical staffing for commercial, state government, and local government clients. We work with local resources that have extensive experience in government contracting and commercial organizations to provide a broad range of technical staffing solutions. ATS provides short and long term technical staffing for project managers, business analysts, network engineers, database programmers, web developers, IT technicians, help desk technicians and more.

Our Mission

To provide world class, personalized service with (click here) Zero Defects - customer service redefined - to our clients through our core competencies:
  • Hardware and Software Solution Design and Implementation
  • Enterprise Maintenance Services through ATS CareSM
  • Desktop Imaging, Installation and Deployment Services
  • Network Security Solutions from the desktop to the Enterprise firewall
  • Network Support Design, Migration and Implementation Services
  • Technical Staffing (network engineers, security engineers, project managers, business analysts, web developers, programmers, technicians, help desk support and more)

Our Values

Customer Service is our top priority: You can depend on Applied Technology Services to always respond to our customers needs and to go above and beyond to support their interests and priorities. Our personalized relationships and services are demonstrated through our openness, involvement and commitment to our customers. We are a local, minority business focused on doing what is best for our customers in terms of cost-effectiveness and value.

Quality Products and Services: We will strive to be “best in class” in terms of our level of performance and the value received by the customer, we will utilize best practices whenever possible and to provide products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Leadership and Community Involvement: ATS is founded on the talent of its employees and the resources of the community. We will continue to demonstrate the importance of economic growth in our community and to identify opportunities to partner with local resources. Our focus on growing steadily through use of a sound business model and with the support of local resources has allowed us to provide value at a lower cost with a faster response.

Integrity: Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. ATS lives by this code and to we bring it to all of our professional and personal relationships and business dealings.

People: The ATS team is truly the very definition of a team. We are group of diverse individuals with compelementary skills commited to a common purpose for which we are mutually accountable. That common purpose is the overall success of our clients because that is driven by the success of our solutions.

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