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Information Technology Shared Services for Government, Commercial, and Education

Information Technology Shared Services for Government, Commercial, and Education

Information technology shared services is a cost-effective operating model that pools IT resources, centralizes management, and creates a more agile IT environment. Applied Technology Services (ATS) specializes in helping government, commercial, K-12, and institutions of higher learning implement the shared services model. We offer expert enterprise technology services to clients in the Baltimore, Maryland area and across the Mid-Atlantic. ATS is a Hewlett Packard Preferred Provider with experience in utilizing the HP Converged Infrastructure program to transform inefficient inward-looking IT silos into consolidated shared service centers that optimize the use of resources. Call ATS today at 410-661-2302 to learn how your organization can benefit from becoming a shared service organization.

Core Principles of Information Technology Shared Environments

The core principles of shared services environments are simple:

  • Centralize IT operations to make the best use of existing assets.
  • Reduce inefficiencies and wasted resources by creating a common pool from which different parts of your organization can draw as needed.
  • Implement standardized processes that utilize best practices.
  • Streamline applications to make your systems more agile, simpler to use and maintain, and more productive. Common functions can be automated for easier administration and faster deployment.

Many businesses and government agencies are moving to the IT shared services model to improve collaboration, facilitate sharing of data, and reduce costs by making better use of existing resources. Information technology shared services move away from the old model of isolated IT silos in which each silo is separate from the other. The problem with the old model is that it is extremely inefficient. If one department needs additional capacity for a short term event, they are required to invest in new servers which will then go unused most of the time. Meanwhile, another part of the organization might have more server capacity than they are using, but it is unavailable to the other department. Server consolidation and virtual technology services solve that problem by creating a pool of servers, storage systems and networks that are available on a supply and demand basis. Let ATS evaluate your IT infrastructure to show you how your organization can benefit from the shared services model. With state-of-the-art technologies like HP Converged Infrastructure, becoming a shared service organization may be easier than you think.

Information Technology Shared Services Increase Efficiencies and Agility

The shared service model gives your organization the agility it needs to meet ever-changing needs. It is extremely flexible and efficient, because resources are shared rather than wasted. Shared services centers improve efficiencies by drastically reducing the wasteful duplication of both resources and efforts. Standardized processes allow for automation of many functions that can be managed centrally, rather than being performed on an individual basis for each individual silo. Not only does it allow your IT staff to operate much more effectively, but best practices are built right into standardized processes for reliable outcomes and compliance satisfaction. With consolidation and virtualization, the barriers between IT assets are eliminated, allowing resources to be seamlessly allocated where they are most needed at that time. In addition, IT shared services facilitate collaboration between end-users by allowing them to access shared data bases. Government agencies in particular are using IT shared services to promote sharing of information as well as resources. ATS specializes in serving state, local, and federal government agencies in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic.

Reduce Costs with IT Shared Services

It is essential that companies and government agencies find ways to maximize the use of their current investments rather than investing capital on new resources. Many governments and commercial enterprises around the world are mandating the implementation of IT shared services to reduce costs. When IT services are centralized, the number of separate data centers can be greatly reduced. Email systems and networks can also be consolidated and standardized. This provides savings in two ways: fewer physical assets are required to handle the same workload and IT administrators can function more efficiently. Server consolidation and especially server virtualization makes it possible for each IT technician to monitor more applications and deploy changes more rapidly with fewer errors. Shared service centers free applications from physical hardware and move them into a virtual environment that provides visibility across the whole IT infrastructure.

Improve IT Outcomes with Standardized Process in the IT Shared Services Environment

With solutions like the HP Infrastructure Operating Environment (IOE), your IT technicians can deliver services that used to take months in a matter of hours or even minutes. It also empowers your IT administrators to monitor service quality and protect business continuity to avoid costly failures or violations of service level agreements. Your IT staff will spend less time simply maintaining the current infrastructure, which allows them more time to invest in innovation and improving outcomes. Call ATS today at 410-661-2302 for an infrastructure and network assessment to discover how you can save money by improving your economies of scale through a shared services model.

Information Technology Shared Services and More

At ATS we take pride in developing the flexible technology solutions that help our clients meet their immediate goals while also preparing for their future needs. We offer a broad range of IT solutions to commercial and government customers in Baltimore, Maryland, and across the Mid-Atlantic. ATS specializes in:

  • Enterprise technology services
  • Virtual technology services
  • Networking services technology
  • Desktop support and maintenance, including multi-vendor environments
  • Printer support and maintenance
  • Technical staffing (network engineers, security engineers, website developers, programmers, and help desk support technicians)
  • Project management with PMI-certified Project Management Professionals
  • Technology installation services
  • Website development
  • Enterprise communications solutions, including Microsoft Exchange and email archiving
  • Warranty services for IBM, Compaq, Dell, Xerox/Tektronix, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Lexmark, and Epson

Outstanding customer service is at the core of everything we do at ATS. That is why we offer emergency after-hours service calls, the ATS “Zero Defects” customer service pledge, and the Enterprise Call Management System which ensures quality control through call tracking, management, and reporting. Ongoing training and certification of information technology technicians and project managers ensures that our staff has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Contact Applied Technology Services at 410-661-2302 to learn more about our information technology shared services plans for commercial and government entities.

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