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Advanced Networking Services Technology in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic

Advanced Networking Services Technology in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic

Networking services technology and expert technology installation services are critical components of the enterprise technology services offered by Applied Technology Services (ATS) of Baltimore, Maryland. We specialize in providing network assessment, network implementation, and ongoing network support services to business, government, K-12, and institutions of higher learning. ATS deploys our highly trained and certified network engineers in the greater Baltimore area, around Maryland, and across the Mid-Atlantic. Find out how enterprise network solutions from ATS can optimize your network to increase productivity, reduce bottlenecks, and improve availability for your vital applications. Call ATS at 410-661-2302 to schedule a network assessment.

Network Solutions Consulting

The first step in optimizing your network infrastructure is to have ATS conduct a thorough network assessment of your current environment. Our networking services technology specialists will evaluate your network to identify bottlenecks and excessive latency issues, load imbalances, security vulnerabilities, opportunities to improve efficiencies and network availability, and ways to decrease operational expenses. Once we have the complete picture of how your existing IT infrastructure is serving the needs of your business or government entity, ATS will plan and design the network infrastructure that will take your networking capabilities to the next level. We can design an innovative plan for virtual technology services utilizing our partnerships with hardware and software vendors, local distributors, vertical market integrators, and our consortium of network engineers and PMI-certified Project Management Professionals. ATS is a HP Preferred Partner offering all of the latest network services technology from the IT leader, and are also partners with Dell, IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Checkpoint, and Symantec among others. What this means for our clients is that ATS can design a complex multi-vendor network environment that is customized to meet today's demands and prepare for future growth.

Technology Installation Services

Among the enterprise network solutions provided by ATS are expert technology installation services. We offer network design and installation services for Wide Area Network (WAN) telecommunications networks for government and commercial clients. The WAN enables efficient data transmission between your entire organization and your clients, employees, colleagues, and other key contacts. The outstanding feature of the WAN is that it frees your IT staff to manage your network from anywhere. An optimal network makes it possible for your technology managers to centrally handle monitoring, support, and other functions from the data center. ATS offers technical staffing services to provide additional support to your in house IT department during the network implementation and installation phase to ensure a seamless roll out. The network engineers from ATS will expertly manage the network cabling and wiring of your new equipment. Ongoing IT support services from ATS support specialists are available to ensure your continued satisfaction with the performance and reliability of your networks. Find out more about our network technology installation services by contacting ATS for information on our enterprise network solutions.

Improve Availability and Reduce Costs With Networking Services Technology

What are the benefits to having ATS handle your network assessment, design, and installation? Improved network availability and reduced costs. An optimized computer network virtually eliminates bottlenecks and latency issues that slow down performance. End-users will experience a more nimble network with almost no planned downtime. A centralized network design with key server redundancies ensures that even if one pathway fails, crucial applications flow through alternate pathways without interruption. Your in house network engineers can spend less time managing daily operations and more time innovating new solutions. Enhanced disaster recovery and better bandwidth utilization are additional benefits experienced by our clients. Call ATS to learn more about how optimizing your computer network will benefit your operations.

Network Security Assessments

Network security assessments are another of the essential networking services technology offerings from Applied Technology Services. ATS has developed a Network Security Assessment practice that addresses the critical network security issues mandated by the State of Maryland Office of Legislative Audits (OLA). Our network security assessment uses techniques including penetration testing to investigate all of the elements that are required to ensure the security of State governmental agencies or commercial enterprises, including:

  • Infrastructure security assessment
  • The security controls for critical routers and switches
  • The effectiveness of firewalls
  • The functionality of virtual private network (VPN) appliances
  • Wireless connectivity security
  • Software vulnerability assessments for network servers
  • Internal and external assessments
  • Web application assessments
  • Remote access vulnerability assessments

In addition to network security assessments, ATS provides comprehensive network security consulting and integration services, such as building corporate firewalls, protecting remote connectivity points, IPSEC VPN design, IPS/ISD implementation, web security, URL filtering, anti-virus protection, endpoint security, and more.

Network Services Technology and More

At ATS we take pride in developing the flexible technology solutions that help our clients meet their immediate goals while also preparing for their future needs. We offer a broad range of IT solutions to commercial and government customers in Baltimore, Maryland, and across the Mid-Atlantic. ATS specializes in:

  • Enterprise technology services
  • Virtual technology services
  • Information technology shared services
  • Desktop support and maintenance, including for multi-vendor environments
  • Printer support and maintenance
  • Technical staffing (network engineers, security engineers, website developers, programmers, and help desk support technicians)
  • Project management with PMI-certified Project Management Professionals
  • Website development
  • Enterprise communications solutions, including Microsoft Exchange and email archiving
  • Warranty services for IBM, Compaq, Dell, Xerox/Tektronix, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Lexmark, and Epson

Outstanding customer service is at the core of everything we do at ATS. That is why we offer emergency after-hours service calls, the ATS “Zero Defects” customer service pledge, and the Enterprise Call Management System which ensures quality control through call tracking, management, and reporting. Ongoing training and certification of information technology technicians and project managers ensures that our staff has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Contact Applied Technology Services at 410-661-2302 to learn more about our networking services technology and technology installation services for commercial, government, and educational environments.

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