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Applied Technology Services understands your need to simplify IT and recommends Dell’s server product line to help support those needs. Dell has listened to your feedback and has married operating simplicity with a new level of superior industrial design.

Dell’s Server and Storage Portfolio
Welcome to the industry’s only enterprise portfolio with embedded systems management — a lineup inspired by user feedback and designed to dramatically enhance reliability and efficiency while reducing complexity. Today’s economic challenges are severely pressuring corporate revenues and thus IT budgets. You need to reduce cost, yet still deliver technology based on clear, quantifiable benefits and ROI. Dell’s new server solutions reflect our commitment to meet these needs: embedded systems management and diagnostics, scalable storage, and simplified networking. Now you can make smart, cost-effective investments in your IT infrastructure that deliver long-term value.

Dell is raising reliability to the next level with the Dell™ EqualLogic™ storage product line. With EqualLogic, you can now continually upgrade your Storage Area Networks (SANs) with new generations of hardware with no downtime or disruption to IT services.

At Dell’s 130,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, every Dell server is tested (and re-tested) before it leaves the factory. Their “one-touch” process is designed to ensure one person is responsible for the entire server build, resulting in the highest level of quality control. Dell provides solutions right out of the box, ready to deploy in your environment.
Dell PowerEdge servers are designed for simplified management and the power to choose.

With the introduction of Dell Management Console (DMC), powered by Altiris™ from Symantec™, Dell offers you the ability to protect, and even extend, your existing systems management investments. Services-enabled connector solutions allow DMC to easily share information with other leading management solutions.
Dell’s focus on common system design means that businesses operating on one Dell system already have the knowledge required to manage Dell’s entire next generation of servers.

Logical layout, Dell’s Tool-less Chassis, and reduced cabling within every PowerEdge™ server enhances usability, which can lead to less downtime. With Dell, you can achieve increased stability with only one common image across multiple platforms. With only one image for multiple platforms, maintenance is simplified and streamlined, freeing you to work on more value-add activities.
Enjoy greater memory capacity and I/O, both increasing by a factor of 225%. In addition, our new energy-tuned systems help you save on power consumption while building a highly adaptable IT foundation that delivers outstanding performance.

The virtualized architecture of the EqualLogic PS Series allows you immense flexibility to implement and change your storage infrastructure, while maintaining a consolidation strategy. With Dell EqualLogic storage products, IT managers can deploy and redeploy physical storage arrays and shift workloads (data volumes) between pools or tiers of storage without downtime to applications.

Dell’s new server product line focuses on innovative design features resulting in increased memory capacity, energy smart technologies producing the highest performance per watt, simplified and accelerated systems management capabilities and servers that allow you to effectively grow your enterprise.

To learn more about the Dell server product line, click this link.

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