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As a Dell Certified Partner, Applied Technology Services knows that storage management is at the center of an increasingly complex IT problem.

iSCSI Storage Arrays
Applications continually demand more from their storage systems—as performance, capacity, availability, backup, and disaster recovery needs intensify, so do expectations of the servers and storage that support them. As a result, IT professionals need a storage solution that integrates a full complement of high-end management capabilities, includes data protection, and operates intelligently. They need a reliable storage system that expands transparently and provides consistent data availability regardless of the server configuration, OS, or application. The Dell EqualLogic PS Series of iSCSI storage arrays offers a fundamental change in the way enterprises think about purchasing and managing storage. Built on a patented peer storage architecture, these solutions offer enterprise-class performance and reliability, intelligent automation, and seamless virtualization of storage for simplified storage management. The PS Series combines an intelligent, automated management framework and a comprehensive set of enterprise data services with a fault-tolerant hardware architecture that supports many major operating systems. It delivers a modular and cost-effective solution that can be deployed in appropriate increments for small and medium businesses, while also being cost-effective for large enterprises requiring capacity and high-end performance.

Peer Storage Architecture
The EqualLogic PS Series is based on a unique peer storage architecture. In this context, peer describes the collaboration and equal partnership of a single, simple architecture; components and arrays function as peers, working together to share resources, evenly distribute loads, and collaborate to help optimize application performance and provide comprehensive data protection. The result is an intelligent storage array that can deliver rapid installation, simple management, and seamless expansion. Using patented page-based data mover technology, members in a storage area network (SAN) work together to automatically manage data, load balance across resources, and expand to meet growing storage needs. Because they share this architecture, enterprises can use PS Series arrays as modular building blocks for simple SAN expansion (see Figure 1). This architecture provides the basis for numerous features and capabilities, including peer deployment, control, provisioning, protection, and integration (see Figure 2).

To learn more about the Dell EqualLogic product line, click this link.

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