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Virtual Technology Services for Business and Government Agencies

Virtual Technology Services for Business and Government Agencies

Virtual technology services from Applied Technology Services (ATS) allow businesses and government agencies to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization for data center optimization. ATS has been a leading provider of enterprise technology services for state and local government, businesses, and K-12 and universities in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic for over a decade. We specialize in assisting government agencies and have extensive experience in managing contracts for organizations like the Maryland State Police, Howard County, MD, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, and the City of Baltimore. ATS has the expertise to implement initiatives like technology shared services and even has links to government contracts on our website for your convenience. Let the expert IT technicians at ATS design a fully virtualized IT environment that will increase efficiencies and performance while decreasing maintenance and personnel costs. Call ATS today at 410-661-2302 to learn more about our virtual technologies for government and business clients.

Increase Efficiencies with Virtual Technologies and Server Consolidation

ATS provides clients with high quality enterprise technology services and solutions that allow them to spend more time on their work and less time managing their technology. The problem with the old model of physical IT infrastructure is that it is terribly inefficient. When each machine is linked to its own server, resources end up being wasted because the servers have more capacity than is being used at any given time. One of the chief benefits of server consolidation is that virtual servers are extremely efficient. Virtual server technology pools your server capabilities to meet the flow of supply and demand. Fewer virtual servers are required to handle the same amount of data, and they do it with increased performance, reliability, and availability. ATS is an HP Preferred Partner, and also partners with Dell, VMware and other leaders in virtual technology to provide customized flexible data center architecture. Our virtual technology solutions are simple to deploy, manage and grow as your requirements evolve. Some of the key advantages to server consolidation and virtualization are:

  • Increased efficiencies; fewer virtual servers can handle the same capacity
  • Improved application performance and optimization
  • Automated management of many functions; less IT staff time devoted to server management
  • Seamless scalability
  • Outstanding availability; almost no scheduled systems downtime
  • Less space required in data center to house servers
  • Reduced costs in hardware maintenance, cooling, and power supply

Improve Reliability with Storage Virtualization

When you want to reap the maximum benefits from server virtualization, ATS recommends building a complete virtual infrastructure with storage system virtualization. A fully virtualized IT environment is more robust and resilient than a data center with physical hardware. A virtual SAN (Storage Area Network) creates a single scalable pool of storage that can be allocated as needed for maximum efficiency. Experience improved business continuity with better data protection and rapid disaster recovery and get the most benefit from your virtual servers with storage consolidation. We offer a wide range of enterprise class storage solutions to fit different needs. ATS makes it painless to migrate your entire data center to a virtual environment. We can even provide short or long-term certified experienced computer technicians through our technical staffing division to support the migration. Call ATS at 410-661-2302 to learn more about how our virtual technology services and technology installation services make it fast and easy to upgrade to a virtual IT infrastructure.

Desktop Virtualization and Cloud Computing Complete the Virtual Environment

ATS is dedicated to helping our clients reap the complete benefits of virtualization. Let us complete your virtual environment with desktop virtualization and cloud computing. When you move machines to the cloud, you gain an incredible amount of flexibility and agility. Run several virtual machines from a single physical machine with the ability to employ different operating systems on each one. Virtual machines also offer superior security and availability because if one goes down, the other VMs on the server are unaffected. Desktop deployments can be handled more rapidly and with fewer errors in a virtual environment. Once your company has started the virtualization process, you will be able to harness the power of cloud computing, which is IT as a service. Cloud computing and desktop virtualizations are ideal IT solutions for today's mobile workforce, as they offer impressive flexibility and agility.

Virtual Technology Services Are Only the Beginning

At ATS we take pride in developing the flexible technology solutions that help our clients meet their immediate goals while also preparing for their future needs. We offer a broad range of IT solutions to commercial and government customers in Baltimore, Maryland, and across the Mid-Atlantic. ATS specializes in:

  • Enterprise technology services
  • Networking services technology, including network assessment and implementation
  • Desktop support and maintenance, including for multi-vendor environments
  • Printer support and maintenance
  • Network security assessment with penetration testing
  • Technical staffing (network engineers, security engineers, website developers, programmers, and help desk support technicians)
  • Project management with PMI-certified Project Management Professionals
  • Website development
  • Enterprise communications solutions, including Microsoft Exchange and email archiving
  • Warranty services for HP, IBM, Compaq, Dell, Xerox/Tektronix, Acer, Lexmark, and Epson

Outstanding customer service is at the core of everything we do at ATS. That is why we offer emergency after-hours service calls, the ATS “Zero Defects” customer service pledge, and the Enterprise Call Management System which ensures quality control through call tracking, management, and reporting. Ongoing training and certification of information technology technicians and project managers ensures that our staff has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Contact Applied Technical Services at 410-661-2302 to learn more about how our virtual technology services can make your business or government agency more agile, efficient and cost-effective.

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