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As a Dell Certified Storage System Specialist, ATS combines EqualLogic storage products and VMWare to enable IT consolidation and a fully virtualized IT environment that is simple to deploy, manage and grow.

Virtualization driving IT consolidation for both servers and storage
Organizations trying to achieve higher levels of efficiency in their data center operations are broadly adopting server virtualization. To support 7x24 operations, enable advanced functionality, and extend the value of server virtualization, storage consolidation is also required. Classically, storage consolidation is a complex and expensive undertaking requiring proprietary infrastructure, expensive add-on software and skilled specialists all in conflict with the goals of the overall initiative. Dell EqualLogic PS Series virtualized iSCSI storage area network (SAN) provides a cost-effective, enterprise-class storage solution ideally suited for virtualized infrastructures.

New Virtual Storage design enables simple, affordable Data Center operations

Virtual data centers are designed to simplify operations, increase flexibility and agility, and reduce costs. The PS Series is uniquely architected to meet the needs of the virtualized data center, designed for easy deployment, automated management, optimized resource utilization, and seamless scalability. EqualLogic storage technology virtualizes the entire SAN to simplify deployment and ongoing management. In the SAN, volumes are automatically provisioned as a single, scalable pool of storage that utilizes all storage resources within the SAN.

As workload demands shift or migrate between virtual machines and their physical host servers, a virtualized PS Series SAN is designed to automatically apply storage resources where and when they are needed without intervention or manual tuning. The Dell EqualLogic PS Series SANs are designed for 99.999% availability and use iSCSI to to simplify deployment, leveraging the organization’s inherent networking skills and resources. A rich set of data protection features and tools are bundled into the EqualLogic arrays providing for cost-effective data protection and disaster recovery.

Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI SANs help to reduce the cost and complexity of IT Consolidation and uniquely integrate with VMware® Infrastructure to enable the fully virtualized IT environment

  • Networked storage for virtual machines in less than one hour
  • Utilize existing IP networking skills and infrastructure
  • IT provisioning from single, scalable pool of storage for high resource utilization
  • Designed for 99.999% availability and all enterprise software included: No Hidden Costs
  • Virtual Storage can enable advanced VMware functionality- HA, VMotion, DRS and SRM
  • vStorage integration for Automated Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

To learn more about Virtualization with Dell EqualLogic storage products, click this link.

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